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"LandmArch: Redefining Urban Landscapes – A Look at Our Oral Presentation at IFLA World Congress 2023, Stockholm"

Updated: Feb 22

At LandmArch. landscape architecture. we are deeply honoured to take part in the oral scientific presentations, to be held at the IFLA International Federation of Landscape Architects World Congress 2023, in Stockholm, this September.

Our scientific paper has been chosen among a high number of entries, by the IFLA Scientific and Program committee, based on the following:

1. Relevance to the conference theme and chosen sub-theme.

2. Rigour of the research and significance for practice, policy and education.

3. Originality of the research, proposal and solution.

Theme: "Emergent interaction", aims to explore emerging forms of collective problem solving, networks of ideas and borderless strategies in order to find new solutions to the urgent issues of climate change, social inequality and biodiversity.

Subtheme: "Leave no one behind".

Title: "Social Sustainability as a tool towards Sustainable Urban Development".

Presenting Author: Mrs Polyxeni Mastoraki

Co-Author: Anna Ioannidou

Affiliations: LandmArch.

A sincere thank you to Katerina Koloka, Translator and Member of the Institute of Linguists, London, UK, for her diligent proofreading of this paper.

Further information regarding the time of the presentation will be provided no later than 1 September 2023.


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