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4 Star Hotel in Sampatiki, Greece

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

It is with great pleasure to announce that LandmArch. has been chosen to participate in the holistic design of the landscape areas for the new 4 Star Hotel in Sampatiki, Greece.

Consisting of 11 separate suites, spas, an infinity pool -for both adults and children- and a spectacular view towards Myrtoan Gulf and the beautiful port of Sampatiki, this new destination is one of the game changers, regarding hospitality, in the region.

LandmArch. has been in charge for analysing, designing and consulting the implementation process of an approximate 2000sqm of landscape areas.

Working with both HARD- and SOFTSCAPE our main goal has been to highlight the genius loci, pointing out the main entrances, stand and viewpoints, open-air activities zones and waiting rooms.

All necessary actions have been taken, in order to determine the appropriate TOPOGRAPHY for the best possible facilitation of motor and pedestrians' movements, including people with disabilities. Geocell slope protection systems have been chosen in order to provide excellent protection for slopes against erosion through their designed expandable, strong, and cellular structures.

In the hardscape the extensive use of permeable pavement, such as loose crushed stone, gravel and grass paving, together with elaborated local stone, cast pebble flooring or terrazzo and stabilized aggregate provide results that are durable, natural looking that require low maintenance, combining practicality, safety, weather resistance and non-slippery properties. All in all they add to a welcoming and warm atmosphere with sustainable qualities.

In the softscape study, special emphasis has been given to the selection of native plants, in order to better integrate themselves into the local ecosystem for both aesthetic and functional reasons, such as easier supply, behavior of plants in the local subsoil, water consumption for irrigation, maintenance and replacement.


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