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"Exploring the Future of Sustainable Urban Design at the Stockholm Sustainability Summit"

Updated: Feb 22

Accelerating climate change, a high pace of digitization, a growing population, congestion and increased segregation. These are just some of the challenges that are currently placing new demands on our urban environments.

With the help of creativity, technical progress and sheer determination, companies and people throughout history have found new solutions in, for example, urban planning, health, mobility and cohesion. Now Stockholm needs to take the next step to future-proof the city.

So, how do we do? Which mobility solutions must be used in the city of tomorrow? How do we unleash the power of the electrification of the city's various functions? Which cities are first in the green transition – and what are they actually doing right? How do we ensure cohesion in the growing city? And what role does business really play?

In other words: How do we create forward-leaning and resilient cities that people and companies want to live in?

A warm welcome to the Stockholm Sustainability Summit 2023 – an event that for the second year in a row puts the spotlight on the city's role in the green transition.

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