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Exploring the Impact of EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030: What Architecture Students Need to Know

Updated: Feb 22

It is with great pleasure I announce the lecture based on my essay "The role of landscape architects towards the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030" at the architecture students of the University of Thessaly, Departure of Architecture.

Many thanks for the invitation to my former teacher Mr. Iordanis STYLIDIS.

Here, we will make an introduction to the concept of biodiversity, the role of humans in its loss, the New EU Nature Restoration Plan, the New European Green Deal (GD) and the importance of landscape architecture for the protection, restoration and enhancement of biodiversity in natural and man-made landscapes.

References are made to:

Nature Based Solutions

Blue Green Infrastructure

City ±15 minutes

Sustainable urban mobility

School mobility

Participation in urban planning, placemaking and tactical urbanism

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