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LandmArch. on Archisearch with research project: "Placemaking - Introduction and understanding"

It is with great pleasure I share with you the publication of my research project:

"Placemaking - Introduction and understanding: The role of public space in shaping resilient communities & the role of communities in creating resilient public spaces"

at, the leading Greek platform for Architecture & Design.

Eleven years after my first experience at the participatory and site-specific project "AAO: Ethics/Aesthetics - Going back to the Basics. Reinforcing the foundations of society", in Exarchia, Greece ( and during my ongoing experience as a citizen of different countries, I came along many interesting projects on placemaking around the world.

All these images, during time, have developed my perception on the role of the public realm, and now, I thought I should try presenting a simplified essay on this theme.

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