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LandmArch. honoured with the "Silver Award for Architecture" at the "Tourism Awards 2016"

It is with great pleasure to announce that the architectural study under the title "Rebranding Nemea" implemented in its entirety by Parnona Development S.A. has been awarded with the "Silver Award for Architecture" by the institution "Tourism Awards 2016" and judged by well-known personalities, international academics, successful practitioners and renowned business consultants. The award was received by the partner Ms. Xenia Mastoraki whose office, LandmArch. Landscape Architecture, has been of charge for the holistic landscape architecture study, on behalf of Parnonas Development SA. and the Municipality of Nemea. It was a delightful experience to be present on April 6, at the award ceremony that took place in the Banquet Hall at the Athens Concert Hall.

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