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* "Even if it is quite vague what 'space' is, this is not the same with the term 'place'. In reality place can be easily explained as a space which is acquired with definition and meaning, thus is to say, a locality that can become a center of felt value." - Xenia Mastoraki

"To sense (sentir) is to have qualities" - M. Merleau-Ponty

LandmArch. is an award-winning, creative, research and educational practice for landscape architecture, urban planning and architecture, based in Athens, Greece and Stockholm, Sweden. We hold a Professional Engineering License (Classification B-Category 7), by the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for municipal projects of OPEN PUBLIC SPACES**.
A PUBLIC SPACE refers to an area or place that is open and accessible to all peoples, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, or socio-economic level"- United Nations

Our goal is clear.

Design Sustainable and Social Cohesive Societies IN HUMAN SCALE!
We focus therefore on the importance of SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY by means of social inclusion, site-specificity, safety, social interaction, environmental protection, enhancement of the biodiversity, accessibility, walkability and circular economy.​
"I believe that public space should be intentional: it should be obvious that you belong" - Janet Echelman

We have succeeded in joining international researchers to deliver a lecture on
"Social Sustainability as a tool towards Sustainable Urban Development" at the IFLA World Congress 2023, the world's largest event for professionals in landscape architecture and urban planning. Additionally, the same project has been selected for presentation at the conference Conference “LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE +20. Education, Research and Practice”. 
Focusing on the important role of Creative and Digital placemaking, the SDGs of Agenda 2030, the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and the cultural and design goals of the New European Bauhaus Initiative we aim to play a leading role in urban, peri urban and rural planning, in Greece and abroad.​​​​​​​

You can DOWNLOAD our presentation here.


WE DESIGN PLACES FOR PRIVATE AND PUBLIC PROJECTS and we do it with responsibility towards our clients, the environment and society. We support and promote placemaking processes and we believe that good design can provide spiritual, social, leisure and psychological well-being, leading to life satisfaction. As pioneers in AI-driven concept design, we're transforming visions into reality, pushing boundaries, and shaping tomorrow's landscapes. We stand at the forefront of landscape architecture in Greece, pioneering BIM solutions
and offering 3D modeling for precise volume/cost calculations. But most of all... 

Here you can read LandmArch's interviews with Leda Deligianni for Construction magazine and Gilda Tentorio for PAC, exploring landscape architecture's vital role in shaping contemporary cities, emphasizing our contribution to sustainable and people-centered urban development. Tune in to our interview on Greek Woman in STEM and delve into the intersection of architecture, innovation, and technology, inspiring the next generation of pioneers together.


We place Social Sustainability at the core of our mission. The company's commitment to sustainable development is exemplified through its focus on the concept of "school streets" in Greece with the primary goal of achieving a sustainable regeneration of public spaces surrounding schools. With a vision to establish SAFE and PLAYFUL environments for children during the school day, we align our efforts with 4 out of the 17 SDGs outlined by the UN Agenda 2030.


The severity of the issue is underlined by the European Transport Safety Council and DEKRA's 2019 road safety report, revealing that 1/13 child deaths in the E.U. results from traffic accidents around schools. Recognizing this, MEPs emphasized the urgent need for a policy framework on ROAD SAFETY, aiming to eliminate road deaths by 2050 and create a universally safe environment.  This initiative strengthens social ties within the local community and facilitates active involvement of the municipalities in European Urban Initiatives.

​​Embracing the use of Arts and contemporary technology, we aim to reveal a NEW, INTERACTIVE and CREATIVE relationship between people and their environment, taking always into consideration the importance of the “genius loci". We explore every possible new means of communication in order to perform different ways of human perception and narration towards our surrounding world, both physical and conceptual.​​​

... and now something you may not know...

Xenia Mastoraki, Architect & Landscape Architect​​
Graduate Architect (NTUA) and Landscape Architect (University of East London) has taken part in many International Conventions and Competitions, winning international mentions in subjects focused on Tourism, Sustainability, Design, Walkability, Art, Accessibility and New Technologies. Her work has been hosted and published by International platforms worldwide. ​Xenia has shadowed work as part of experience in the UK based landscape practice craft:pegg, which is now a fellow practice to LandmArch. and from 2018 to 2020 she has been a Senior Landscape Architect for the International leading engineering,  design and consultancy company Ramboll in Stockholm, Sweden. She shares knowledge on landscape architecture, urban planning and sustainability through articles, publications and lectures in architectural magazines, educational Institutions and International Conventions. Through her firm she provides consultancy services for architecture and landscape architecture projects worldwide.
​​Vasilis Ingvar Raptis, Architect, Landscape Architect & Urban Planner​
Graduate Architect (NTUA) Vasilis is mainly focused on Urban and Regional Planning, leading him to further exploration on the field through his Master Degree on Urbanism Studies by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. ​He has been working as an urban planner, landscape architect and BIM coordinator for international architectural studios (Arkitema, C.F. Møller Architects) in Stockholm, since 2016.

​Our team in Athens includes
lighting designers, industrial designers, irrigation planners, gardeners, environmentalists and horticulturists with high experience in implemented projects.

Municipality of Korinthos
Municipality of South Kinouria

Municipality of Pafos

Municipality of Arta

Municipality of Nemea

Private clientele
IFLA World Congress 2023 Oral presentation of accepted scientific paper, Stockholm, 2023
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE +20 Education, Research and Practice”, Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2023
BigSEE 2019 Interior Design & Tourism Award, 2019
Tourism Awards 2016 SILVER Award for Architecture, Athens, 2016​
Le:Notre Landscape Forum 2016 Landscape: from Natural to Cultural, Qualified participatory project, Pafos, Cyprus, 2016​
EXPO "Agritecture & Landscape Awards" Qualified participatory project, Italy, 2015
Walk21 "Vienna Stepping ahead" Qualified participatory project, Vienna, Austria, 2015​
Agro Al Ain International Exhibition for Agriculture & Landscaping Qualified participatory project, United Arab Emirates, 2014​
8th European Landscape Biennial Qualified participatory project, Barcelona, Spain, 2014
We are proud members of PHALA (Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects, IFLA), AIAPP (Associazione Italiana​ Architettura Del Paesaggio, IFLA), Sveriges ArkitekterUrban Landscape Institute (ULI), LE:NOTRE and SADAS-PEA (UIA).



Sampatiki Suites 45.jpg

Landscape architecture **** Star Hotel Complex, Sampatiki 


Delivered Project

Perched gracefully atop a hill near Sampatiki in the Peloponnese region of Greece, Sampatiki Suites is a 4-star hotel complex featuring 11 separate suites, luxurious spas, and an infinity pool. Situated on the eastern side of the Peloponnese, Sampatiki is encircled by majestic mountains and picturesque coastlines that stretch to the Myrtoan Gulf and the charming port of Sampatiki. Guests are treated to breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, providing a serene backdrop for an unforgettable stay. This emerging destination is poised to become a game-changer in the region's hospitality landscape


LandmArch has been selected to participate in the comprehensive analysis, design, and implementation consultancy for approximately 2000 square meters of landscape areas. Working with both hardscape and softscape, our primary goal has been to highlight the genius loci, emphasizing the main entrances, standout viewpoints, open-air activity zones, and waiting areas.


All necessary actions have been taken to sculpt the appropriate topography for optimal facilitation of motor and pedestrian movements, including accessibility for people with disabilities. GEOCELL slope protection systems have been selected to provide excellent erosion protection for slopes through their expandable, strong, and cellular structures. In the hardscape, the extensive use of permeable pavement—such as loose crushed stone, gravel, and grass paving—along with local stone, cast pebble flooring, terrazzo, and stabilized aggregate, results in durable, natural-looking surfaces that require low maintenance. These surfaces combine practicality, safety, weather resistance, and non-slippery properties.


Overall, these features contribute to a welcoming and warm atmosphere with sustainable qualities. In the softscape study, special emphasis has been placed on the selection of native plants to better integrate into the local ecosystem for both aesthetic and functional reasons. These reasons include pollination, ease of supply, plant behavior in the local subsoil, water consumption for irrigation, maintenance, and replacement.

Site specific regeneration of Patras seafront based on Agenda 2030, Greece

Site specific regeneration of Patras seafront based on Agenda 2030


National Competition​

The project aims in having a broader impact in the local urban design, by promoting the application of PARTICIPATORY design and PLACEMAKING processes. Furthermore, its aim is to provide follow-up design solutions which are based on the main principles of Agenda 2030. In other words, the goal is to cultivate a mindset where all stakeholders involved in the area’s urban development work together as a team. In that way, it will be possible to recover from the dysfunctional decision-making practices of the past and their negative impact into public space.

The design proposal for the seafront of Patras is based on environmental, social, economic, technical and aesthetic criteria, in order to express a case-by-case thesis through SITE-SPECIFIC strategies. Finally, through the collaborative and creative process of placemaking, the emotional connections between residents and public space, as well as all provisions for its future MAINTENANCE and management, will be established.

The “Three Mills Green Lido Park”, UK
enhanced-image - 2024-03-27T135344.475.png

Homogenous Culture and Diverse Population - Three Mills Green Lido Park


Research Project

Globalisation and the advancement of transportation system and connectivity render our cities' population to be more diverse in ethnicity, religion, nationality, ability and thinking. As urban spaces are usually public in nature, how could the planning and implementation of our urban spaces cater to these diverse demands, needs and preferences from various group of population and how can we avoid conflicts among those various groups? How do we plan for more DIVERSITY, rather than homogenous solution due to rural-urban migration? How do we ensure the resilience of our heritage and culture?

Three Mills Green Lido Park is situated in East London between Canning Town, Bromley-by-Bow and WestHam, and has been selected as a meeting and relief point between these three neighborhoods, which are characterized by a MULTICULTURAL population.


Our proposal is to create a LIDO (Urban bio-piscine) as a valuable element in the local environment, offering a range of benefits for both people and nature, as it will serve as a RECREATIONAL space, promoting health, community engagement, and urban aesthetics. On the other hand, it will provide sustainable water management, support BIODIVERSITY, offer chemical-free swimming, and present EDUCATIONAL opportunities. 

Through high design proposals for ACCESSIBILITY, safety and biodiversity maintenance the park satisfies people’s aesthetic needs, consistent with their perceptual sensibilities and expectations. Located where it is easily accessible to all and where it can be seen by potential users, it satisfies people’s desire for places of richness and complexity, while at the same time it provides for SAFETY through lighting, surveillance, visual sequence conditions, and a clear character for entry and boundary limits. The site analysis includes an adequacy of the circulation system to serve the anticipated site development and followed emergency and service vehicle access requirements.

The park’s final aim is to provide options for individuals or groups to become attached to the place and care for it through involvement in design, construction or maintenance; by use for special events; or by temporarily claiming personal spaces within the area.




Delivered Project, Awarded by Big See "Interior Design" and "Tourism Awards"


ZEN MINIMAL LUXURY HOUSING unveils a groundbreaking hotel typology. This smart housing complex not only redefines the local HOSPITALITY landscape but also encapsulates the essence of "Zen", a state of total focus, harmony of body and mind, and an overarching sense of PEACE and RELAXATION.


As a proud member of the EarthCheck Evaluate Program, this project strives to minimize their environmental footprint, conserve resources, and promote responsible practices. From reducing waste to conserving energy, every action taken is a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Departing from the previous multi-cabin structure, each housing unit is meticulously designed to offer functionality, privacy, and utmost comfort.


The transformation involves creating three distinct and individual apartments, strategically positioned to maximize natural LIGHTING and VENTILATION. The result is a property that not only stands out for its impeccable architecture but also establishes an immediate connection with the picturesque surrounding landscape. Intricate attention to detail is evident in the varied use of materials, scales, and lighting throughout the complex. Dominated by a serene white palette, from the brick walls to the epoxy resin pavement, the design creates a tranquil atmosphere. Wide openings invite the natural Mediterranean sunlight, casting a warm glow that accentuates the beauty of the surrounding nature, extending towards Mirtoon Pelagos and Mount Parnonas. 

PEDA West Attica Headquarters, Greece
enhanced-image (18)_edited.png

PEDA West Attica Headquarters


National Competition


This proposal endeavors to shape a contemporary, functional, and BIOCLIMATIC public building that serves as the headquarters for the Region of West Attica in Elefsina. Not merely a functional structure, the new complex elevates the urban landscape, paying homage to the area's rich and multidimensional history.

Addressing the dearth of open, green spaces in the vicinity, the project introduces a high-quality public area accessible to all residents, enhancing the overall community EXPERIENCE. A key objective is to attain the highest possible AUTONOMY in terms of energy consumption. This is achieved through innovative measures, including the incorporation of a green roof, Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), and various other techniques ensuring the bioclimatic performance of the building. The utilization of semi-transparent materials strategically placed between working spaces not only fosters a connection to the outdoors but also floods the interior with ample natural light. This design element, coupled with effective VENTILATION strategies, enhances the overall comfort and well-being of the occupants, creating a SUSTAINABLE and harmonious environment. 

The Loumaki Park, Greece
01 ΣΧΕΔΙΟ ΓΕΝΙΚΗΣ ΔΙΑΤΑΞΗΣ_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

The Loumaki Park


National Competition

This proposal envisions the creation of a transformative green space in Karditsa, poised to become a signature DESTINATION for both locals and visitors alike. Central to the design is a commitment to urban CONNECTIVITY that respects all community members, with a particular emphasis on PEDESTRIANS, CYCLISTS, and individuals with DISABILITIES. The use of easily attainable materials and construction methods is prioritized, ensuring optimal ENERGY EFFICIENCY and minimizing the need for extensive MAINTENANCE.

At the heart of the park's architectural concept is the preservation and accentuation of its natural aquatic feature, a meandering stream. Beyond its aesthetic significance, this water element plays a crucial role during heavy rainfall, serving as a reservoir for irrigating the park's green expanses, including areas of heightened demand such as the COMMUNAL VEGETABLE GARDEN. Along the stream's banks, meticulously organized spaces for relaxation and various activities enhance the overall experience, inviting individuals to connect with nature in an accessible and sustainable urban oasis.

L’Oréal Hellas Logistics Outdoor Areas, Greece

L’Oréal Hellas Logistics Outdoor Areas


Delivered Project

LandmArch. collaborated with L’Oréal Hellas S.A. for the RESTORATION of the outdoor areas of their Logistics Center. Entrusted with the task, our primary focus has been to revitalize the existing planting conditions and propose a new landscape that not only provides a welcoming and green environment for their personnel, but also significantly reduces annual water costs by over 60%.

Our commitment to sustainability led to strategic choices perfectly integratable with the local flora, which not only align with the goal of creating a lush and eco-friendly environment but also harness the benefits of natural sources for WATER MANAGEMENT. The utilization of local plant species not only enhances the aesthetics but ensures a cost-effective and environmentally conscious approach to landscaping.

Digital Placemaking

Digital placemaking


Proposal Project* at the Culture Department of Greece

Reviving bygone landscapes finds a contemporary ally in the form of three-dimensional HOLOGRAMS, a cutting-edge technology that serves as a conduit for restoration. Employing this advanced three-dimensional technology, akin to VOLUMETRIC imagery, allows for a faithful recreation of the original state of monuments now fragmented by the passage of time. Visitors, immersed in this semi-natural, semi-dreamlike landscape, find themselves navigating through a realm where the distinctions between the material and immaterial seamlessly intertwine.

This INNOVATIVE approach fosters an interactive relationship between individuals and the landscape, unfolding in real-time and space. The result is a groundbreaking paradigm shift in how people perceive and engage with the world. In this ever-evolving landscape of technological advancement, the concept embraces the constant change and REDEFINITION that characterizes our modern era. The use of holographic RESTORATION not only breathes life into historical landscapes but also challenges traditional notions, introducing a dynamic and transformative way for individuals to connect with the past.

*In collaboration with the visual artist and environmental activist Studio Joanie Lemercier

enhanced-image - 2024-03-27T140452.843.png

Wujiang East Lake Tai Ecological Tourism Resort


International Competition

Wujiang East Lake Tai Ecological Tourism Resort is planned to become a future landmark in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, that will host almost 500,000 visitors annually, becoming the Most Ecological Charm in Lakeside of Lake Tai. Beach and shoreface nourishment, plus the creation of green "SPONGES" has been one of our priorities, since they can assure a long-term COASTAL STABILITY and a high quality coastal environment. Native plants will attract new flora and fauna to the area, providing them with shelter, food, and breeding grounds. Increasing BIODIVERSITY would support a number of natural ecosystem processes and services like air quality, climate control, water purification, pollination, and aesthetic appeal. Parameters such as WALKABILITY, functionality, leisure and carefree outdoor activities and interactive participation will play a crucial role to enrich local TOURISM industry.

In our pursuit of a harmonious design, we are mindful of water's significance as a precious resource. The design reflects an understanding and appreciation for the delicate balance required to celebrate water as an artistic medium while also acknowledging its vital role in sustaining life. As we refine our design, we carefully integrate sculptural elements that not only aesthetically enrich the space but also contribute to the overall SENSORY EXPERIENCE. Nestled within the heart of a flourishing local bamboo grove, an enchanting ART INSTALLATION comes to life, celebrating the symbiotic relationship between nature, productivity, and human creativity. A carefully curated arrangement of HANDMADE straw discs, embody the skill and dedication of local artisans to master the art of transforming humble materials into objects of both utility and beauty. This living gallery provides a soothing backdrop to the artistic narrative that unfolds and creates an ethereal dance of LIGHT and SHADOW.

enhanced-image - 2024-03-27T144317.860.png

Modular Shading System for Municipality of Arta


Commissioned Project

This project emerges as a comprehensive solution for the aesthetic and functional transformation of the city's two most bustling public squares. Departing from the current makeshift constructions collaboratively installed by shopkeepers and local authorities, our objective is to introduce a HOLISTIC and SUSTAINABLE architectural intervention, providing a distinct identity to these vital urban spaces. The proposed design seeks to elevate the squares by offering architectural sophistication while ensuring comfort, safety, and sustainability. The intention is to integrate the new structures into the existing landscape, contributing to the overall enhancement of the surroundings.

Our proposal revolves around a hexagonal-shaped model made of ETFE CUSHIONS, covering approximately 10.50 sq.m., mirroring the vertical shade area of the square's existing trees. Inspired by BYZANTINE ARCHITECTURAL MOTIFS prevalent in the historical town of Arta, this hexagonal form embodies a timeless aesthetic. Beyond its visual appeal, the hexagonal design facilitates future adaptability. It allows for the ORGANIC expansion or removal of shades in response to potential changes permitted by the municipality, ensuring FLEXIBILITY without compromising the aesthetic integrity of each shade unit or the ensemble as a whole—an essential consideration from the project's inception.

In essence, the modular-hexagonal form not only establishes a harmonious integration of the proposed shades with the existing trees but also fosters a dialogue with the surrounding environment. This deliberate synthesis creates a new and COHESIVE URBAN LANDSCAPE, enriching the public squares with a thoughtful blend of history, aesthetics, and functionality. The commissioned project envisions a future where these spaces become VIBRANT HUBS, seamlessly merging contemporary design with the city's historical tapestry.


Snails Parde

Snails Parade Athens


Urban Installation


In a groundbreaking initiative led by LandmArch. in collaboration with the young artists from the POTTERY WORKSHOP of the GREEK BLINDS' LIGHTHOUSE, Athens witnessed a distinctive urban installation that transcends traditional parades. This marks one of the earliest instances of an architecture firm creating an URBAN INSTALLATION in Greece, aiming to stimulate a PUBLIC DISCOURSE on public art and the harmonious coexistence of people with the urban fauna of Athens.

Winding through the city streets, a whimsical display of FUCHSIA SNAILS, meticulously crafted from baked clay, takes center stage. Each snail serves as a UNIQUE ARTWORK, bearing individual messages that collectively form a tapestry of meaning about the frenetic rhythms of everyday life in the Greek capital. Their COLLECTIVE MISSION is to foster AWARENESS and sensitize the public to the interconnectedness of URBAN LIFE with the diverse FAUNA that shares the cityscape. This urban installation transcends conventional boundaries, elevating the dialogue on PUBLIC ART and encouraging a deeper understanding of our shared environment. As the fuchsia snails wind their way through the Greek capital, they serve as vibrant AMBASSADORS OF COEXISTENCE, reminding residents and passersby alike of the beauty that arises when art, nature, and urban life intersect in harmony.


New World Training Ground


Delivered Project


The FIRST AUTHORIZED PARKOUR TRAINING GROUND in Athens, Greece, is an architectural feat that expertly balances challenge and innovation. Meticulously designed, the project encompasses two stages, each spanning 100 and 50 square meters, with a keen focus on creating a DYNAMIC and SECURE environment adhering to all safety REGULATIONS associated with the sport.

Metal structures, wooden obstacles, suspension ropes, tires, and strategically induced wear and tear on the walls contribute to an environment exuding a captivating ruggedness. This raw industrial essence finds balance through the infusion of vibrant COLORS on the walls and captivating GRAFFITI adorning the entrance, creating an inviting juxtaposition of edginess and visual appeal. The strategic use of colors, used as potent NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION serve as a catalyst for both conscious and subconscious STIMULI and EMOTIONS.

enhanced-image - 2024-03-27T145351.982.png
Tourism Awards 2016_Logo.jpg

Rebranding Nemea


Commissioned Project, Awarded Project at "Tourism Awards" 2016


This project focuses on the revitalization of Nemea's foundational urban structure, playing a pivotal role in connecting the city with the newly envisioned Wine Museum. Embracing the city's rich relationship with its ancient history, mythology, and the renowned PDO wine production, "NEMEA AGIORGITIKO," the re-branding concept aims to position Nemea as a premier wine destination of exceptional quality.

As an INNOVATIVE initiative, this project takes the lead in introducing the extensive use of PERMEABLE CONCRETE (PCP) and RAIN GARDENS to the Greek market. The primary objective is to champion Blue-Green Infrastructures (BGI) and Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) at an early stage, addressing untreated STORMWATER issues. By promoting zero runoff, direct groundwater recharge, surface temperature reduction, and the elimination of expensive collection and DETENTION SYSTEMS, the project aligns with sustainable practices to enhance the city's environmental RESILIENCE.


The integration of these eco-friendly features not only upgrades aesthetically and functionally Nemea's urban fabric but also aligns it with contemporary environmental standards, reinforcing its identity as a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious wine destination.

enhanced-image (26)_edited.jpg

Jewellery boutique and gem store in Athens


Commissioned Project

This site-specific project endeavors to provide an exclusive and luxurious haven for a rare collection of gems adorning unique pieces of jewelry. The emphasis here lies in MINIMALISM, ECLECTICISM, and the utilization of high-quality materials with clean, polygonal lines.

Unlike conventional jewelry shops, this gem gallery prioritizes the EXHIBITION of its art pieces with precision. The architectural and lighting design, characterized by minimalism, serves as a neutral backdrop. This intentional simplicity aims to create an unobtrusive setting, allowing clients to direct their focus on the main protagonists – the rare gems elegantly showcased in the two central display cases. The GALLERY, thus, becomes a SENSORY OASIS, offering both comfort and an elevated experience tailored to the appreciation of these extraordinary pieces of jewelry.



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