"To sense (sentir) is to have qualities"
M. Merleau-Ponty
LandmArch. is a creative practice for landscape architecture, urban planning and architecture based in Athens, Greece.
Our goal is clear. Design Sustainable and Social Cohesive Societies! We focus therefore on the importance of social sustainability by means of social interaction,  environmental protection, enhancement of the biodiversity, accessibility, walkability and inclusive economy.​
Focusing on the SDGs of Agenda 2030, the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and the cultural and design goals of the New European Bauhaus we aim to play a leading role in urban, peri urban and rural planning in Greece and worldwide.​​​​​​​


In LandmArch. we design places for people and we do it with responsibility towards the environment and the society.
We believe a good design can provide spiritual, social, leisure and psychological well-being leading to life satisfaction. But most of all...

​​Embracing the use of Arts and contemporary technology, we aim to reveal a new, interactive and creative relationship between people and their environment, taking always into consideration the importance of the “genius loci". ​We explore every possible new means of communication through them in order to  perform different ways of human  perception and narration towards our surrounding world, both physical and conceptual.​​​...
...and now something you may not know...




Xenia Mastoraki: Architect & Landscape Architect​​
Graduate Architect (N.T.U.A.) and Landscape Architect (University of East London) has taken part in many International Conventions and Competitions, winning international mentions in subjects focused on Tourism, Sustainability, Design,
Walk-ability, Art, Accessibility and New Technologies.
Her work has been hosted and published by International platforms worldwide. ​Xenia has shadowed work as part of experience in the UK based landscape practice craft:pegg, which is now a fellow practice to LandmArch.
She is a professional engineer/ing license holder (classification B' - Category 7) for private and public projects in Greece, by the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

From 2018 to 2020 she has been a Senior Landscape Architect for the International leading engineering, design and consultancy company Ramboll, in Sweden. She is currently landscape architect at the Swedish firm Markera Mark AB in Stockholm.

​​Vasilis Ingvar Raptis: Architect & Urban Planner​
Graduate Architect from the National Technical University of Athens, Vasilis is mainly focused on Urban and Regional Planning, leading him to further exploration on the field through his Master Degree on Urbanism Studies by KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm. ​
He has been working as an urban planer, landscape architect and BIM expert for international architectural studios in Stockholm, since 2016.


Municipality of Korinthos
Municipality of South Kinouria
Municipality of Pafos
Municipality of Arta
Municipality of Nemea

BigSEE Interior Design & Tourism Award 2019
Tourism Awards | SILVER Award for Architecture | Athens, 2016​
Le:Notre Landscape Forum, Landscape: from Natural to Cultural | Qualified participatory project | Pafos, Cyprus, 2016​
EXPO "Agritecture & Landscape Awards" | Qualified participatory project | Teatro Agorà della Triennale di Milano, Italy, 2015
​Walk21 Vienna Stepping ahead | Qualified participatory project | Vienna, Austria, 2015​
Agro Al Ain International Exhibition for Agriculture & Landscaping 2014 | Qualified participatory project | United Arab Emirates, 2014​
8th European Landscape Biennial | Qualified participatory project | Barcelona, Spain, 2014

We are proud members of PHALA (Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects / IFLA), AIAPP (Associazione Italiana​ Architettura Del Paesaggio / IFLA), Urban Landscape Institute / ULI, LE:NOTRE and SADAS-PEA / ACE-CAE)


Placemaking in contemporary urban design - Site specific regeneration of Patras seafront based on Agenda 2030

September, 2020

National Competition

 The project aims in having a broader impact in the local urban design, by promoting the application of participatory design and "placemaking" processes. Furthermore, its aim is to provide follow-up design solutions which are based on the main principles of Agenda 2030.


In other words, the goal is to cultivate a mindset where all stakeholders involved in the area’s urban development work together as a team. In that way, it will be possible to recover from the disfunctional decision-making practices of the past and their negative impact into public space.

Homogenous Culture and Diverse Population - The “Three Mills Green Lido Park”

March, 2020

Research Project

Globalisation and the advancement of transportation system and connectivity render our cities' population to be more diverse in ethnicity, religion, nationality, ability and thinking. As landscape spaces are usually "public" in nature, how could the planning and designing of our landscape spaces cater to these diverse demands, needs and preferences from various group of population? How can we avoid conflicts among the various group of population? How do we plan for more diversity, rather than homogenous solution due to rural-urban migration? How do we ensure the resilience of our heritage and culture?


June, 2019

Delivered Project


Athens-based studio LandmArch. Architecture introduces a new hotel typology, entitled ‘ZEN MINIMAL LUXURY HOUSING’. Through this smart housing complex project and its conceptual balance between architecture, nature, mind and spirit, they bring into life the meaning of “Zen”, that of being in a total state of focus incorporating a total togetherness of body and mind, thus to say, feeling peaceful and relaxed.


Siggbo Trädgårdsstaden

December, 2019

Commissioned Project of Ramboll Sweden*


The new district “Siggbo Trädgårdsstad” is planned in the southwestern part of the Municaipality of Tierp, in Sweden. The purpose of this project is to shed light on how "Siggbobäken" can be developed to become a resource in the new district, through an in-depth design program. The program presents proposals for the motion lanes, stand points, play and recreation areas.

Our proposal is a complement to the in-depth existing design program of the Municipality, in order to describe the parts that were not covered at the first stage. They include the large and small public squares and the main street with its submerged planting areas (biofilter), and further develop guidelines for the design of the park and all reservation areas.

* Xenia Mastoraki has been Senior Landscape Architect


Landscape Management for the FSE309 highway at Lovön

December, 2019

Commissioned Project of Ramboll Sweden*

In this project the use of the land and forest constitutes the core of the landscape and its values today, while the historical bearings that today are clearly legible have a high educational value. The boundaries between cultivated land and woodland are historically significant.

Changes in the landscape are designed to have the minimum possible impact both functional and visually, while good adaptation and integration between landscapes and built-up areas is required. Design and execution takes into account natural and cultural environment and others environmental aspects, following uniform design standards.

Management is focused on adaptation to the different landscapes through soil modeling, reservation areas, rock cuttings, minimum visible reinforcement measures, road equipment, groundwater, ditches, strips and vegetation in the road room.

* Xenia Mastoraki has been Senior Landscape Architect

PEDA West Attica Headquarters , Eleusis

May, 2018

National Competition

The aim of the proposal is the design of a contemporary, functional and bio climatic public building which accommodates the Region of West Attica Headquarters, in Elefsina. The new complex upgrades the urban landscape of the area while reflecting its multi-dimensional history.

The Loumaki Park

March, 2018

National Competition

The purpose of this proposal is to create a new green area in Karditsa so that it will become the new landmark destination for both residents and visitors. The connectivity of the park to the urban fabric that respects everybody, prioritizing the pedestrians, the disabled, and the bicycles is another basic element of the design, together with the use of materials and construction methods which are easily achievable and ensure the best energy efficiency, as well as the minimum need for their maintenance.

L’Oréal Hellas Logistics Outdoor Areas

March, 2017

Delivered Project

In LandmArch. we are excited to have been trusted by L’Oréal Hellas S.A. to proceed to the restoration of the outdoor areas of their Logistics' center. The main request of the client has been to re-evaluate the existing planting condition and re-propose a new one, in order to maintain a friendly, "green" environment for their personnel, while at the same time reduce more than 60% the annual costs of water needs. Therefore, our practice proposed local flora in order to use natural sources for a low cost water management.


Bandirma Park

January, 2016

International Competition

The goal of the new Bandirma Park is to have a strong recreational character, which will be directly linked to the site’s heritage, historical, cultural and ecological identity, an identity which will be visually enhanced and promoted in the new design.

Snails Parade Athens

November, 2015

Urban Installation

In Athens, a great parade, much different from the others, has taken place. Fuchsia snails, a proper and unique artwork, each one of them carrying their own personality on their back, have filled the streets of the greek capital, in order to declare that their presence is nothing but friendly, since their intention is to sensitize people over their coexistence with all kinds of urban fauna.

New World Training Ground

March, 2015

Delivered Project

“New World Training Ground” is the name of the first authorized parkour training Ground in Greece, located in Neos Kosmos, Athens. Its establishment aims to provide a secure indoor area for people to learn and advance parkour techniques in a safe environment, under the constant supervision of its founder and all qualified trainers.

Rebranding Nemea

January, 2015

Commissioned Project 


This project concerns the modernization of Nemea's basic urban structure which will play a crucial role to the connection of the city with the new Wine Museum. The relationship of the city with its ancient history and mythology, plus the famous PDO wine production "NEMEA AGIORGITIKO" are the basic lines to lead the re-branding concept of the city, in order to turn it into a new wine destination of high quality.

Jewellery boutique and gem store at Athens Metropolitan area

January, 2014

Commissioned Project

This project is site specific, and aims to provide a unique and luxury shelter to a rare gem collection which decorates unique pieces of jewels. Therefore, LandmArch. Architecture focuses on minimalism, eclecticism, materials of high quality and clean, polygonal lines in order to set a focus on the rare treasure which is hosted in this exhibition hall.

This gem gallery offers comfort and uplifts the senses. Since it is not a common jewelry shop, its main purpose is to exhibit its art pieces in a very precise way. Its minimal architectural and lighting design supports this idea, since it is used as a neutral scenery in order for the clients to focus on the two main show cases.



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